Breakfast On The Beach, At Home

This morning, as I sat in the jumble of my hectic family kitchen, grabbing a couple of slices of toast before rushing out on the school run, my holiday near Tauranga's stunning Papamoa beach seemed like another lifetime. But if I close my eyes, I can remember the daily pleasure of a delicious breakfast on the beach, as I drank a glass of fresh orange juice and relaxed underneath my sunshade, with nowhere else I would rather be and not a care in the world.

Breakfast in Wellington's Cuban Quarter

Business in Wellington with a bit of time to kill? Or on holiday and wanting to try out the tastes of Wellington before heading out for a day of sightseeing? There's no shortage of great eateries in Wellington's Cuban Quarter.

Making the perfect English Breakfast

The kiwi breakfast, american breakfast and country breakfast are really all just slight modifications to the classic breakfast-of-breakfasts, the full english breakfast.

Possibly the world's fastest toaster?

Toast in 50 seconds. Sounds like a con? Meet the Turbo Toaster - The toaster that works by sucking air in through a big fan while heating it and blowing it against the toasting bread.

The 4 minute breakfast cooker

If you love your eggs on toast but are always rushing off to work in the morning, we've found you the the perfect quick-breakfast solution... The Back to Basics 'TEM500' Egg-and-Muffin 2 slice toaster with built-in egg poacher.