Possibly the world's fastest toaster?

Posted on 6 June 2009

Toast in 50 seconds. Sounds like a con?

Meet the Turbo Toaster

The turbo toaster works by sucking air in through a big fan while heating it and blowing it against the toasting bread.

"The design came out of sheer frustration that by the time the toast is ready, my beans have gone cold"
Oliver Newberry

This supa-doopa prototype turbo toaster was designed by then-student Oliver Newberry for Heinz in London.

The UK's daily mail quotes Mr Newberry's inspiration for the toaster as solving the problem of cold beans on toast.

The turbo toaster prototype was released towards the end of 2007 with rumours it could hit the markets within a year, but sadly we've yet to see any lining the shelves of Briscoes, Farmers or other toaster retailers. So for now it seems we'll just have to put up with your regular 2.5 minute toast.